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Princess Guard

Princess Guard

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Princess Guard is a role-playing game of magical adventure starring magical princesses and their spirit companions.

In Princess Guard, you play a magical princess from one of the royal realms of the Floating Islands of Orthavia. You’ll team up with your fellow princesses to explore new lands, defend your realm, help your people, tend to the spirits, visit other realms, and rescue travelers in distress.

On these missions, you’ll fight ferocious foes, discover amazing treasures, and meet wonderful people. You’ll grow by trying new things and learning from your mistakes. Your friends will always be there to help, so the only way to fail as part of the Princess Guard is not to try.

In this game book, you’ll find a short introduction to the Floating Islands, a quick and easy guide to creating your princess, and 18 detailed missions for your princess to undertake. It is written to be accessible to early readers and also provides tips for grown-ups to help facilitate play.

Princess Guard uses the action oriented VRBS system that rewards creativity, heroism, and teamwork. It requires a single six-sided die and is easy enough for a six-year-old to master.

Written by David Garrett. Illustrated by Mocha.

What you need

To play this game, you’ll need the following in either analogue or digital form:

  • An active imagination: a desire to tell stories, be a little silly, and have fun; and a place where you can focus.
  • Some scratch paper and copies of the character sheet and mission tracker at the end of this book.
  • One six-sided die.

What you get

  • The 68-page, A5-formatted game book in PDF form.
  • Separate pdfs of the character sheet, realm record sheet, and mission tracker.

Actual play!

​Watch Hop Co. and I play through Princess Guard.

Hop Co. plays Princess Guard -- YouTube

And coming soon…

Royal Quest Givers Guide logo

The Royal Quest Giver’s Guide expands on the world of the Princess Guard with guidance on creating and running your own missions. It also doubles as an equipment guide and bestiary, adding tons of new content to keep your princesses entertained.

For solo and team play. Suitable for princesses ages 6 to 106.

Text copyright © 2023 by David Garrett. Artwork copyright © 2023 by Mocha. Licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

This work is based on VRBS, designed and authored by David Garrett and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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