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VRBS is an ultralight system for creating highly improvisational role-playing games that reward creative, heroic action. It has a universal conflict resolution mechanic that requires a single six-sided die and is easy enough for a six-year old to master.

In VRBS, characters are defined by what they do, not by abstract statistics. Characters can attempt anything that a creative hero would be able to reasonably accomplish and they either succeed or grow in the process.

VRBS supports zero-prep, GM-less play for solo and team games. Scenarios are generated at play time and the players collaboratively interpret prompts to drive the story forward.

VRBS is best suited to a short, episodic style of play that encourages creativity in both young and old.

This system reference document (abbreviated SRD) contains all of the available mechanics for the VRBS system as well as guidance on how to use them to create your own game. It is intended primarily for game designers and homebrewers — not directly for players.

This entire SRD is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, which gives you the right to use as many or as few of the concepts and words as you’d like in your own games, settings, adventures, and other content, as long as you make a clear statement that your material is based on these rules.

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