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In the beautiful valley of Dweomerdale, magic is a way of life — pixies use it to play pranks and goblins use it to cause mischief. You, though, are a student in the Dweomerdale Junior Academy, where you are learning to be a sorcerer. Together with your friends and classmates, you hone your skills while undertaking fantastic adventures.

Utilizing the ultralight VRBS system, Dweomerdale is easy enough for a six year-old to master, but also provides the structure for anyone to generate a fantastic story of magical adventure on their own.

What you need

This role-playing game of magical schoolchildren contains all the rules that you need to play. You'll provide:

  • An active imagination and a desire to tell stories about fantastic beasts and magical classmates.
  • One six-sided die.

What you get

  • A full-color, double-sided, letter-sized, tri-fold, print-and-play PDF.
  • Rules, mission generator, character sheet, and mission tracker.

For solo or team play. Ages 6 and up.

Copyright © 2022 David Garrett. Licensed for use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

This work is based on VRBS, designed and authored by David Garrett and licensed for use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

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