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Disaster Tourism

GUILD: Sword and Magick for Hire

GUILD: Sword and Magick for Hire

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GUILD: Sword and Magick for Hire is a rules lite old-school style roleplaying game, inspired by heavier frameworks of the same era. Enough lies within these mere pages to fill a lifetime of adventure, and lead daring GUILD Adventurers into endless and lucrative quests.

"GUILD is exactly the kind of game I want to both play and run...It's clever, fun, and will undoubtedly become a staple of my home game." -- Ryan from The Weekly Scroll.

"GUILD is the kind of game that immediately sparks a desire to start building and homebrewing in the concepts inside...I can't wait to hear what your GUILD does." -- Tony from Plus One Exp.

A6 staple-bound softcover. 48 pp.

Also available as a bundle including a pad of character sheets and a bookmark that contains a summary of the rules -- plus some fancy stickers.

  • Written by KD
  • Layout by Kristen Denner
  • Edited by Ben L.
  • Cover Art by Tony Jaguar
  • Character Sheet by Jeffrey N. Baker
  • Published by Disaster Tourism
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