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Agent Purrvocateur

Agent Purrvocateur

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You are a special agent who works for the secretive counter-terrorism organization known as the Feline Operations Group. Together with your fellow agents, you travel the world stopping dastardly villains from carrying out their diabolical plans.

Travel to exotic locales, investigate mysteries, fight henchmen, and save the world in this GM-less, no-prep game of heroic derring-do for one or more players. The ultra-light VRBS system emphasizes the fun of improvisational storytelling and learning by doing, and is appropriate for players aged six and up. 

What you need

To play Agent Purrvocateur, you’ll need the following in either analogue or digital form:

  • An active imagination, a desire to be creative, and a place where you can focus.
  • Some scratch paper and copies of the character sheet included with the book.
  • One six-sided die.

What you get

  • The 8 page, A5-formatted game.
  • A separate A5 pdf of the character sheet.

For solo or team play. Ages six and up.


Agent Purrvocateur is copyright © 2022 by David Garrett. Licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

This work is based on VRBS, designed and authored by David Garrett and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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