In the late 22nd century, East Africa Stellar Engineering built a trio of colony ships to bring humanity to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Each ship carried close to one hundred thousand scientists, scholars, engineers, and explorers and was outfitted with one of the very first theta-class jump drives.

Of the three, the Victorious was the only one to complete its mission. You are one of the decedents of those brave explorers who made the Alfajiri system their home. The second ship, the Invincible, made its jump to the Elpizo system successfully, but then immediately went silent and has never been found.

This is the story of the third ship, the Glorious.


I'm currently writing Glorious, the introductory adventure that will be included in the final version of This Mortal Coil. Introductory adventures have become more and more common for new games for a good reason -- they're the perfect opportunity to introduce the world to the players and to establish the tone of the game.

An into adventure needs to accomplish a few tasks beyond simple entertainment, though. It should give the players an opportunity to exercise their characters abilities, to gain a foothold in the universe, and ideally, to leave them wanting more.

In Glorious, my goals are to:

* introduce a wide variety of undead that the characters can enthrall, fight, or run screaming from
* provide the opportunity for characters to collect their first souls and learn their first spells
* enable the characters to establish long-term relationships with important facilitator characters and factions

If I can accomplish those goals, then everyone who starts their game by playing through Glorious will be set up for a delightfully ghoulish campaign.
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