Status update and Patreon launch!

About six months ago, I relaunched Amalara Game Studio as an experiment. I'd briefly taken a step into the professional publishing world about 20 years ago, but I had neither the perspective nor the experience to do it right at the time.

So far, it's been a pretty big success. I've gotten into a rhythm of producing and publishing indie TTRPGs and I've enjoyed the creative journey and making friends in the RPG community so much that I want to make it a permanent side gig.

To facilitate that, I've launched a patreon! If you're a fan of the games I produce, this gives you an additional way to support me. For a reasonable monthly price, you'll get access to the entire digital catalog of Amalara games, discount coupons for print copies here at the shop, sneak peaks at upcoming games and playtest versions, and patron-exclusive content.

Join me on Patreon today!

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