CRAWLSPACE for #dungeon23

CRAWLSPACE for #dungeon23

Sean McCoy, designer of Mothership, tweeted a challenge: design a megadungeon by creating one room a day for 365 days. I've decided to take the challenge and am crating an urban-horror megadungeon for Liminal Horror.

This project will receive periodic updates throughout 2023 as the megadungeon and its horrors are developed.


You are field agents for Department Seven-Seven, the government organization responsible for providing strategic support to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies when their investigations involve the mysterious and unexplained.

A prominent member of the community has disappeared in Shaker Heights, Ohio. The individual entered a crawlspace underneath their house, never reappeared, and was reported missing by a frantic spouse. Preliminary investigation by the local police department revealed an old well buried beneath the crawlspace. It appeared that the missing individual uncovered this well and may have attempted to descend into it.

The FBI was enlisted to aid in the investigation but immediately reached out to our regional field office when their team of rescuers also disappeared.


CRAWLSPACE is an independent production by Amalara Game Studios and is not affiliated with Goblin Archives LLC. It is published under the Liminal Horror Third Party License. Liminal Horror is copyright by Goblin Archives LLC.

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